The Writings of Larry Seltzer

My published articles go back to the 1980’s, but most were in print publications that even I wouldn’t have saved this long. But many of my writings from recent years are still available on the Internet. Some were written for technical web sites, some for vendors, I am the author of 3 books and have plans for a series of ebooks.

Larry Seltzer in BYTE

Larry Seltzer on ZDNet

An article in Dr. Dobb’s on remote binary planting attacks

Another Dr. Dobb’s story: Is goto Still Considered Harmful?

Larry Seltzer in PCWeek/eWEEK

Larry Seltzer in PCMag

Larry Seltzer in Betanews

Larry Seltzer in InfoWorld:
Can you really replace Microsoft Exchange with Google Apps Premier?
Are hackers using Aurora-style attacks to steal software credentials?

Larry Seltzer in InformationWeek:
Google Apps To Office 365: Why To Switch
Google Apps To Microsoft Office 365: 10 Lessons

For Symantec/VeriSign – Spoofing Server-Server Communication: How You Can Prevent It

For Symantec/VeriSign – Securing Your Private Keys as Best Practice for Code Signing Certificates

For HP’s TippingPoint: Network Security Intelligence Selection Buying Guide

For Kingston: Glossary of cryptography terms

By Larry Seltzer: Admin911: Windows 2000 Terminal Services

With Kathy Ivens:
Linksys Networks: The Official Guide
Linksys Networks: The Official Guide, Second Edition

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