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My Best From ZDNet

Here are the stories I wrote for ZDNet over the six months of which I am most fond. In many cases, the ones I worked the hardest on and like the most did poorly in traffic. C’est la vie.

2015: Year of the Windows renaissance?
December 23, 2014
After largely avoiding Windows 8, I really got to like Windows 8.1. When Windows 10 comes along I’ll feel a lot better about it and so, I suspect, will everyone else.

Congress blocks ICANN transition. Good.
December 17, 2014
The “Cromnibus” budget bill blocks the Obama administration’s plans to relinquish control of Internet domain name and address administration. We’re all better off this way.

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I’m back off ZDNet

I have decided to take at least a break from ZDNet, my only public writing gig. I may still write on contract for vendors in the meantime. But overall, tech writing is no longer a decent way to make a living. I think every year the number of positions making a living gets smaller and smaller and I’ve fallen off the list.

My current plan is to get back into writing software. I used to do it full time and I think I was really good at it, but my skills are rusty. I figure if I spend some time mastering some worthwhile skill I should be able to sell it.

But I’m also open to a full-time position using my knowledge of the industry, of security in particular and/or my writing skills. If you know of something in northern New Jersey or Manhattan please let me know.